To anyone who’s trying their best

By Sobon Rath. Voices of Youth 2019-2020.

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It’s been a super exhausting week, I whisper to myself on my way home. Maybe you just finished off your final exams for senior year just like I have. Maybe you devoted all your energy in doing the best you can just like I did. Maybe you’re working through the weekdays and weekend to build up your future plans. Maybe you find it hard trying to keep up with the deadlines of your projects. What is even harder is that while doing all those things above, you need to make time for the people you love including your friends and family. I manage to do it every time but it took a lot of energy from my soul. I know someone out there can relate.

I feel like I’m too young to have a midlife crisis but we do have it. Have you ever thought kids these days grow up so fast? It’s like we’re 21 but bearing responsibility like we’re 30. Right now while driving home after work, I realize that I’m scared of getting older. Everyone is scared of getting old. One thing I realize about youth these days is that we’re not scared of getting old and pass away; we are actually scared of all the responsibilities that come with getting old. Working so hard to achieve a sustained life, trying to find jobs that can afford us the things we want, trying to figure out how to live a comfortable life, trying to make our parents proud, building a strong family, and being a good friend, daughter/son, and sister/brother at the same time are incredibly hard and depressing. Watching other people succeeding made the process even harder to bear. It is just so exhausting. This world is an exhausting place. It’s draining our souls. It’s like you’re tired of giving too much, investing too much to a world that barely gives anything back. Then, for one moment, you thought about giving up. You thought ‘’maybe this is it. Maybe I can’t achieve it. Maybe my soul is too tired to walk further.’’ So I beg you, give it one more try.

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Because we are all exhausted. We are allowed to be tired. It is okay to feel like giving up. It is okay to lose hope. We are so caught up with responsibilities that we forget about ourselves. We often have mental breakdowns so often that we lose count. We all forget to recharge. We’re more resilient than we think. Maybe your life happens slowly. Maybe your life happens quietly. Maybe your time to shine is not here yet but you’ll get there. You may not win an Oscar but the fact that you exist makes a change to someone’s life and you have all the time in this world to find out.

So here’s to you, and to me. “You’re doing great, sweetie.” “I’m proud of you.” “Don’t give up yet.” Pat yourself on the back. It’s okay to take time for yourself. Go have a bath. Read your favorite book. Light a candle and put on some music. Play a video game. Dance. Go boxing.  Have a drink. Go out because you deserve some fun. You deserve some peace, a break for yourself. Life may be hard but it will get better.

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