My Sweet 12-Week Journey

by Chhum Chanrachana


I wrote my first article introducing myself to the Voices of Youth readers a couple of weeks ago. Now, this is the last article to mark the end of the program. I remember clearly how nervous I was while walking into the interview room because I really wanted to join the program; and how excited I was when my first article was finally posted on the VoY website.

I believe my fellow VoY trainees have already written about how great this program is. Yes, it is! I totally agree with all of them. The twelve weeks went by in a blink of an eye. It might be short, but there were a lot of lessons, advice and feedback that I received, along with many good memories during the whole program.

The more  articles I wrote for the program, the more motivation I had  in starting my own blog. I had the opportunity to spend time with people who have the same passion in blogging as me. Frankly, before I started the program, I only focused on how writing from a academic perspective, but blogging is way more than that.

At VoY, I was able to reflect on all the issues I was interested in. So far, I have written about topics ranging from social to environmental issues. One of the best moments I had, was when a lot of people read and commented on my article about the use of plastic bags and how they also wanted to tackle the issue.

©Pixabay /2017/Licensed under CC-BY.

Everyone, especially my mentor Ms. Sorita, made my experience with the Voices of Youth program even more special. During these 12 weeks, I received a lot of encouragement and comments from her regarding my articles. Though I made a lot of mistakes in my writing, that didn’t discourage me from continuing to write due to the understanding and positive attitude of my mentor and everyone in the program.

Also, I have read a few articles written by my friends at VoY which were all amazing. They wrote about different issues that they are concerned about. I could learn a lot by reading from their articles, such as their writing styles and the way they addressed the issues. Such a self-learning environment gave me a lot of positivity and motivation in writing more.  

It’s time to say goodbye…

At the end of the program, we were asked to draw a picture to describe our experience and feeling toward the program. At that moment, I couldn’t think of anything in particular to draw, until I sat down and wrote the reflection about VoY. There were just so many great things that I couldn’t fit into a piece of paper.

I hope the next VoY trainees would have a great experience with Voices of Youth like I did. If any of you are planning to apply for this program, please don’t wait until you become a great writer because this program will transform you into one! 😉

Views expressed here are those of the author’s and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of UNICEF.


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