Working Tricks for Beating Laziness

By Sok Rithea,

Photo by Elena Loshina on Unsplash

Are you a lazy person? If you are, read the next line carefully.
Lazy people with great habits and great achievements are amazing people. And you, too, can be one of those amazing people.

Still can’t get out of your bed? Use tricks below!

I know. I know. Laziness, that little bastard, is very hard to defeat. In fact, laziness can make us so lazy that were too lazy to overcome it. It hooks us by supplying us comfort, which only lasts for a short time. It leads us to think about the comfort of laying on our bed, doing nothing, or watching another movie. All of this, will cut down our energy and increase our demand for comfort, so that we become too powerless to get our tasks done. Then, we will become sick of all the work that requires effort. Finally, we will fall into its trap and crave only for more comfort.

The very first thing we must do to beat laziness is to surround ourselves with great things that produce positive energy. Go look at those spectacular skyscrapers, enter those giant fancy malls, or see those luxury cars and mansions. Ask yourself, why are there people who can only look and wish for such things, but will never ever have them? And why are there people who can possess not only one, but many of those great things? Say in our mind that “I, too, can be the one who designs, builds, runs, or owns them. I want to be the one, and I will become that person”. Desire is the fuel of our will-power. Push it! Start the engine. To beat laziness that provides us with comfort, start by getting yourself hooked to great things that symbolize hard work.

Photo by Sok_Rithea

What animal do you find most annoying? Monkey? Parrot? Cat? Say, it is a cat. (To cat lovers out there, this is only an example.) Assuming you do not like cats, think of “laziness” as a cat, the most annoying cat you hate. Now, you are in a game where the cat is trying to trick you to procrastinate on your works. So, every time you decide to do nothing instead of completing your work, you lose the game and the cat wins. Are you willing to let this most annoying and naughty cat you hate win? No! You cannot lose to that cat. Look, we cannot allow that cat to laugh at us, look down on us, and, most importantly, control us. Every time you choose to give up on doing your work and go to bed, tell yourself, you cannot lose to that cat anymore, so get up and do it. So, give “Laziness” the name of an animal you can’t stand, and play to win the game.  

What is the most well-known excuse used when we feel lazy to do something? “I’ll do it later”, right? When lazy people have a month to do something, they are likely to start when the month is almost over. When there is one day left, they will begin just a few hours before the deadline. Even if they have only a few hours, they do it at the last minute. We are trapped in that cat’s mind-set, which makes us stick to its “Rest first, do later” rule. However, we lazy people know clearly that the best rest is the most carefree rest, but we never have one because we have not completed our work yet. We keep thinking about those tasks. Surprisingly, we can have that great rest simply by starting to do our works early. As a result, we will have an early carefree relaxing time.  

In order to have that true enjoyable break, abandon the policy written by that cat, and adopt the new policy: “Do First and Have Great Rest Early”.

When we are too lazy to do something, we will have a careless attitude in doing that job. We cannot get our room cleaned perfectly because we sweep the floor carelessly. Or, we cannot pass the exam because we review lessons carelessly. In short, we are too lazy to care. The consequences? “Do it again.” We will have to do the same work again and again because we cannot produce a good result, which is caused by our careless attitude. Actually, it is us lazy people that should be more careful in doing things than any other people. As we do not like doing stuff, we naturally do not like doing the same thing all over again. Since we know that we do not like doing anything, when doing something, do it carefully. A nice shot means not having to shoot again, so set all the works we do as a “One Time Shot”.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Beating laziness does not necessarily mean we have to start doing a lot of work all the time. However, it is about doing the work continuously. For instance, we should not change from doing nothing at all, to reading a book for five hours or exercising three hours a day. Lazy people will quickly turn back to their old habits. To effectively beat laziness, we might want to assign ourselves the right amount of work, so that we will feel ashamed or guilty if we still find excuses for not doing the tasks. Say, what is your excuse for not reading fifteen minutes or exercising thirty minutes per day?  In short, the amount of work does not matter,  the constant commitment does.

The best time to start beating laziness is NOW. Start applying these tricks and, this is very important, DO NOT STOP. Beating laziness is a lifelong battle not a single day fight. Once we stop, we will have to start all over again. We are already slow to reach our goals, so we cannot afford to go backward and start those same actions all over again because this would mean we will never ever reach our destination. It is worth repeating that lazy people with great habits and great achievements are amazing people. And you, too, can be one of those amazing people.

Friend, does this article give you enough energy to beat that cat yet? Or what are your other struggles to beat it? Let me know your thoughts!



Views expressed here are those of the author’s and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of UNICEF.

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