My Funeral Proposal

By Ravy Sophearoth

IMG_20181022_141623.jpg©Ravy Sophearoth/2018

Leaving a death note doesn’t require us to die early. I think it at least helps us to feel at peace knowing that we could be gone unexpectedly someday. I don’t want to die young, but who knows? So, read this again, if one day it happens to be true. Share it to my family members, and tell them that this is what I wish for. You are now lucky as I would like to share with you my funeral proposal. Please enjoy this…

If one day I happen to die by any accident, I do have a request to my Facebook friends: Do not post anything related to me or tag me in something on Facebook. I cannot like, react love or sad, or comment on your post.

I don’t know whether you would be upset or glad that I was gone, but I do have three  wishes to share with you.

First is for my funeral to be a happy party, where most of my people come together and have a joyful dinner along with great music and dancing. Just think that I was going on another adventure after life, either in hell or heaven. Cry if you miss me but do not cry that hard. My shoulder is no longer available for you but remember that if you are free on my funeral party, join it. Have fun there (and don’t forget to contribute either money or performance).

Second, I would like to have my organs donated to those who are in need. If those organs still work properly, feel free to contact my family and ask for them before they are buried. They are free of charge, and I neither smoke nor drink alcohol; hopefully, some parts of my body would help those who need them. By doing this, it makes me feel like I am alive again. (So, do not hesitate to contact my family.)

Finally, to the last wish of mine— my parents cannot understand English, so they cannot understand this note. But what I wish is that if anyone of you misses me, please do not go to see me at my grave. Visit my parents, either make them smile or just have dinner with them. I bet you would love them, as they would have a lot of stories to tell you (especially my mom). She is one of the most optimistic women on Earth.

Lastly, some of you might think that it is strange to leave a death note while I know I’m not dying, or wonder why I am so weird as to write this. Well, have you ever imagined that one day you might suddenly leave the world? What do you wish for when you stop breathing?

There is a popular Anne Frank quote that says:

“Dead people receive more flowers than living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude.”

I don’t need your flowers, but  these are the things I want you to know that you can do when I’m gone. I’m grateful to still be alive for this long.

IMG_20181022_142026.jpg©Ravy Sophearoth/2018

Life is short, and there might not be time to leave a final word, so I leave this note in advance for every one of you.

(Well, this is not a depression post, but I just want to leave a note that some people might be afraid to write)

Thank you for your time. Would you like to write your own death note?



Views expressed here are those of the author’s and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of UNICEF.

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