Life Is Not Easy. We Just Have to Take It Easy

By Sok Rithea, 

9258248735_927069d21b_o-minCC License by Matty Ring on Flickr

One undeniable fact about life is that it is not easy. Most of the time, we have to try very hard to get what we love. And sometimes, no matter how hard we fight for it, we will never get it.

Moreover, problems will keep coming along our way, whether we are ready for them or not. They keep popping up one after another, or worse, a bunch of them can explode right in front of our path anytime. We are left with no choice but to deal with them all at the same time.

But that’s not all. The worst thing that we have to face in life is losing. We may lose our loved ones, which is extremely painful. We may lose all of our belongings that we fought very hard to get, and we may lose ourselves.

That is life which sometimes we don’t agree with.

But if we keep talking about all the difficult things in life, we may need years to finish this discussion.​​​​ However, doing so will not make it any easier, even for a bit. Life is meant to be hard, but that does not mean that we have to live it in a painful way. All we need to do is to take it easy. How we do that is a very subjective matter; different people may need different approaches. However, generally, the following are some effective and most recommended actions that we can take when we are having a hard time in life:

Take deep breaths. This sounds so simple, but it works wonders. Whenever we bump into problems or bad experiences that life gives us, we feel nervous, worried and depressed. They are all not the feelings we want to or should have, especially at times when we need to think or make decisions. On the contrary, we need calmness. Yes, it is difficult to feel calm in difficult moments, and that’s why taking deep breaths is essential. When taking deep breaths, we stay fully focused on our inhales and exhales, which means we will forget all the troubles for a moment. The result is the feeling of calmness will come to replace the nervousness, worrying, and depression. Feeling calm is a good start for dealing with all the problems we face. With it, we can think more clearly and take our steps more considerately. This is one way that can make it easier to deal with the difficult moments in life.

Do exercise. Exercise can be one of the best medicines for hard times. Issues like failure, broken relationships with our family or lover, or arguments with friends are very stressful. We may feel depressed and discouraged, and we may want to lock ourselves in the room and stay sad. However, that does not make things better. We should go out and do some exercises. Simple ones like walking, and running work best. Going for a walk or run in an open space area, like a public park, can help reduce the tension in our mind. Moreover, it gives us the opportunity to refresh ourselves, physically and mentally, which will result in better mood and thought. Exercising does not make problems that have already occurred become better, but it makes us feel less stressed about them, and it also helps to freshen and energize our mood. As a result, we are able to move on more quickly and easily. Isn’t that a good way to make you feel better when life tries to give us a miserable time?

curtis-macnewton-12711-unsplash-minPhoto by Curtis MacNewton on Unsplash

Go travel. Some problems are very serious and need a lot of processing in order to be solved. These kinds of problems can take us months or years to deal with. When facing them, it is not good to keep thinking and working on them all the time without giving ourselves any chance to take a break and get some entertainment. We never know how long it will take for those problems to pass, and when they do pass, new ones will emerge. It will take us forever before we can enjoy ourselves if we wait for all the problems to end first. That’s why we should deal with them step by step, and while sorting them out, we should take some time to go travel, like on the weekends or on holidays. Traveling allows us to take a break from all the headache. It helps us to bring happiness to our life by reducing the stress we get from those problems. More importantly, it reminds us that no obstacle is worth sucking the joy out of our life. Traveling does not make problems easier to deal with, but it gives us relaxation and happiness, which make it easier for us to go forward even in a difficult time.

Forget the bad experiences. In life, we cannot escape from all of the misfortunes. Life has given us awful experiences that have made us suffer or even worse. Sometimes, life puts us on an inferior level and we end up being treated unfairly and terribly by some small-minded people. However, if we keep thinking only about that bad part of life, and if we keep complaining about how things are unfair, we will stay in pain forever. There is no perfect life on earth. It has good and bad parts. What we should do is to forget the bad. Remember that we have only 24 hours a day, and if we spend three or five hours a day to stay mad and sad about the upsetting experiences that happened to us, we will lose three or five valuable hours to be happy. Thinking about bad moments that have already happened to us will never change them to the better; it will only make our present and future dreadful. One way to take it easy in life is to forget the unhappy past and spend all the time we are having right now thinking about all the good things we experience.

Be with positive people. As we already know, life is not easy, and if we surround ourselves with negative people, life would be hell. Negative people will give us negative ideas on everything, and they will give us negative lenses to view the world. We end up gaining all the negative perspectives about our life. That’s why we should stay away from people who are always complaining about things and giving only criticisms. Positive ideas and suggestions are a very powerful energy that only positive-thinking people can offer us. That’s why we should stick with positive thinkers because they will give us that powerful energy we need to push ourselves forward when life gives us a hard time and tries to knock us down. Life is short and difficult, but if we have optimistic people giving us motivating advice, this short life will become our wonderful journey.

robert-collins-341231-unsplash-minPhoto by Robert Collins on Unsplash

Again, life is not easy, and the few actions above cannot change the nature of life. However, they can make this life journey less difficult for us to continue. They help calm down our nervousness and refresh our emotional well-being, and they bring us happiness when we are in the middle of a difficult road. Moreover, they give us the ideas to live happily and to generate positive energy. With all of these benefits, we can take it easy in life.

Views expressed here are those of the author’s and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of UNICEF.

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