An Open Letter to a Friend Trying to Overcome Self-Doubt

By Chanrachana,

sydney-rae-408416-unsplash.jpgPhoto by sydney Rae on Unsplash

Dear friend,

You deserve praise rather than blame for having come this far.

I know. Life at university isn’t that easy. You told me that the major you are in now might not suit you. You might have made a wrong decision, or you might have walked on the wrong path this whole time.

I saw all the worry and sadness on your face as you told me how uncertain you feel about your future. You are unsure whether you should carry on with the major or not. You think you should not, but you cannot find the reason to quit either.

Your voice got quieter. You looked away more often. I could notice your watery eyes. You decided to let those words about your insecurities out to me.

You told me that you received a lot of rejection. Everyone around you is climbing the ladder of success while you are still there wondering about yours. You always feel you are not good enough.

You know what? I feel the same way.

This self-doubt is also killing me. One day I become enthusiastic about everything I do. Another day I become totally depressed when I think about my decision or try to figure out why I chose a certain thing. Every time, the question I ask myself is always what if.

What if I did it this way? What if I chose this major? What if I said this thing rather than that thing? What if I started doing it earlier? What if…?

To be honest, there were so many times that I had no idea about what I really wanted. I did things without knowing why.

alexander-bracken-742420-unsplash.jpgPhoto by alexander bracken on Unsplash

But there must be a reason why we make certain decisions. We just might not realize it. There might be times that our true self or passion wants to come out but the environment or our own doubts suppress it. All we need to do is to be a little more confident with our choice.

I believe that you can do it. I want you to give more love and value to yourself. I want you to stop worrying about the things that haven’t happened yet.

There is still plenty of time to figure out your passion. No one was born with a perfect plan or a clear passion. We all figure it out as we go.

Some are lucky enough to figure out what they want at a very young age. Meanwhile, there are some people, like you and me, who still haven’t found out what they want to do with their lives in their twenties. There are also people who know what they want in life only when they reached their forties or fifties.

So, it’s never too late to try or apply for what you want. Go for it!

j-w-675142-unsplash.jpgPhoto by J W on Unsplash


I’m really bad at expressing myself when I speak. I hope this letter reaches you. After you read this, I hope you feel better about yourself. You never know how many amazing things you’ve done until someone tells you about them.

You can’t find that someone? Don’t worry. I could be that someone who will remind you every day about what you have achieved so far and why you should be proud of it.

I believe in you.




Views expressed here are those of the author’s and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of UNICEF.

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