A Day Engraved Into History- March 8th

By Monineath Bunyay

Etsy, Inc.

International Women’s Day. To me, it’s not a day off from school; it’s not some random day that I get to show my pride as a woman. To me, it’s the day that represents women’s rights; it’s the day that reminds the world of equality.

Until well into the 20th century, women remained quiet on their inferiority in the society, Labels of being the weaker sex, physically and intellectually, was established as a basic norm for every society- gender equality was nowhere to be found. The only role given to females was the gift of motherhood, to give birth and take care of her children, not to mention their exclusion from the world of politics and economics.

Don’t get me wrong, motherhood is a gift to women. Being able to have a growing being inside of her for 280 days is pure miracle. Being able to love and nurture that baby for a period of her life is bliss.

But women can do more, in fact, much much more. As 20th century arrived, and tables started turning. Labour and political movements, seeking for women’s rights to vote and work for equal pay as men, emerged throughout North America and Europe. Here we are today, a tremendous shift in the roles of women.

I am proud to see how women play a stronger character in the game of society today. More and more women have become leaders in the world, influencers in business, important players in politics, and activists with an impactful voice — most of which were roles strictly dominated by men in the past. I am proud to witness the wall of gender inequality’s continuous breakdown.

As a teenager who finds pleasure and interest in sports, there is this pride, a part of me advocating for “girl power” every time I see women in male-dominated sports such as soccer and martial arts. I’m happy to see that the women of today have earned the chance to shine, earned by their talent and skills.

Although a fragment of the inferiority remains, the world is slowly but progressively shifting towards an equal world, where women will one day be able to grab onto education and escape all forms of violence.

I put trust in the world and its ability to make this happen. If we have the ability to change for the better, why not do it? With a bucket of knowledge, a cup of trust, and a whole pool of cooperation, I believe that anything can be made possible.

I sincerely hope that the International Women’s Day of March 8 is not just another day for the citizens of the world. To end my short message, I just want to say: Women are capable, too. Plus, we rock!

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