Knowledge is power

By Chheng Sotharath

I believe knowledge is power and it can make the world a better place. I don’t think you can help society effectively and efficiently without making sure that you have enough education for your own self-development first. From my perspective, one simple thing that young people should do to make a difference for the world they live in is to educate themselves, as education is the fundamental precondition for the development in any aspect. Education allows people to develop personally and become more active in participating in society as a good citizen.

© Mitchell Norris / 2012/ licensed under CC BY 2.0

The world cannot be a better place without well-educated human resources that have gone through variety of formal, as well as informal, educational programs that have empowered them to be critical, analytical and flexible in solving the problems of our world. That’s why, to make a difference, young people first need to educate themselves in every way they can, so as to be qualified enough to take part in the process of the development of their society.

Therefore, young people have to equip themselves with knowledge by putting efforts in school activities and educating themselves through reading, researching, and observing what is happening around them. That is the only way to get rid of ignorance. And that is the first step of making the world a better place.

Young people should develop a regular habit of reading books to absorb information and think critically about what they have read and then learn to produce analysis or conclusion based on information they have gathered. In addition to reading, researching is also good for exercising their brain to catch up quickly with what requires deep and abstract thinking. Regular habits of reading and researching will help them to gain more knowledge and critical thinking skills which are good for their self-development. Plus, observing what is happening around the world will also add up to their ability to see the root cause of the issues and find the right solutions for their society.

So, to make a difference, first start by empowering your own self to develop personal, intellectual capacity to be a human resource that the world can depend on.

Views expressed here are those of the author’s and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of UNICEF.

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