A Better World Starts With Kindness

By Nop Monineath

© Reneebigelow / 2016 / licensed under CC0

Harry F. Banks, a famous author once said, “Doing little things well is a step toward doing big things better.”

When we are determined to reach a goal, we do not skip the first few steps and instead make a giant leap towards our accomplishment. Everything should start with little things.

Thinking of this in a bigger perspective, to make the world a better place for us, we do not need to literally change the world. We do not have to invest a million dollars to strip the current, complicated world and replace it with a new one. Instead, we begin to do things little by little and eventually this will add up and result in a better world.

So, as the youth of today, we can simply take teeny-tiny actions that will enhance the world we live in.

What is one way to do this? In my opinion, it is by being kind.

But in what way does kindness better the world?

As simple as the word sounds, acts of kindness can be lending your friend a pen, holding the door for someone, picking up fallen things for owners, throwing compliments, donating to the less fortunate, not to mention investing your time helping others through voluntary work, etc. These generous gestures all have something in common: a positive vibe that brings happiness and put a smile on a receiver’s face.

In our lives we meet different people — some are good, some are bad; some are sleeping in fortune, while others are barely keeping themselves together. As we are all humans and live in one world, isn’t it heartbreaking to see the those living under the same roof suffering? Spreading your kindness can play a big part in making everyone’s world better. Remember, even if you can only afford to give a little or do a small act, the impact of this will still be huge.

©Nikk / 2014 / licensed under CC BY 2.0

Being kind is the most valuable gift you can give to someone else and yourself. It is a free medicine that heals the inner soul by turning suffering into unity and joy. Lending a helping hand to a person in need will leave you a feeling that you have done something wonderful, you have an important role in improving someone’s life, and you have made yourself a functional member of the society.

Kindness starts with you.

You can inspire other people to discover kindness within themselves and bring it outside as well. Making being kind a habit would create a culture of helping hands that would leave a beautiful world for future generations. Imagine how nice the world will be when enough of us eliminate our negative energy and flood the world with our acts of kindness.

© Heath Brandon / 2009 / licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Sharing kindness will make your day and someone’s a little brighter, and this brightness certainly makes our world a beautiful place to live in. When you turn back to see the little things you have done to someone, you will realize they were actually big things.

Again, you know what will build the world into a better place? YOU. So start doing something today!

Views expressed here are those of the author’s and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of UNICEF.

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