What is New Media?

By Yen Sosomphors

Credit: BilkulOnline.com

Hello! Hi!

To start my very first blog, I would like to introduce you a little bit more to my life journey, so you can get to know who am I before you start reading my blog.

My name is Yen Sosomphors. I’m eighteen years old. I’m a freshman at Royal University of Phnom Penh, soon to be a sophomore. I’m not a picky person; so I can do almost everything, and I love to help people. I also love sharing and communicating with new people, especially learning new thing from them. I used to hate writing, even from high school, especially in Khmer literature. However, the BaccII exam has changed my perspective. I got such a bad grade on Khmer literature that it made me so hopeless and discouraged. I kept doubting and asking myself why I made this happen.

Starting from that time, I have learnt to write and to read to bring out more ideas to support my writing. With what I have been through for the past one year, I have started to love writing and my perspective has changed. Now I think writing is the most powerful thing that I can use to express my ideas and opinions because I am better at writing than speaking. Every time I speak my brain is blank and stuck, I couldn’t bring up any ideas. While I began with hatred for it, writing has now become my passion, and I promise myself that I will try my best to be a better writer.

“Don’t feel hopeless even when you have no clue of where you’re going, believe in yourself because your endurance will bring you out from that situation.” This is what I believe in everyday.

In the present time, technology has been increasing its reach and has becoming more advanced than before, which makes communication with each other on daily basis a simple and convenient task. Under these circumstances, my journey of writing and sharing information through words has been hugely and positively impacted as well, as has the social interaction my within community. One of the most modern innovation communication today is called New Media, which provides a lot of benefit to people’s knowledge; and work.

Let me explain to you what I think of new media, but I guess perhaps you have heard of it before.

New media is the Internet, and other digital forms of communication. So far the most popular new media is social media, which people have been using as networking tools, including Facebook, Line, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.

I think that most of Cambodian people have their own Facebook accounts because it is a well-known network tool, and it is the most popular platform today, especially for teenagers. I also have one, and I guess you have one too.

According to Geeks in Cambodia, “Digital statistics Facebook has firmly established itself as the choice social media platform for Cambodian users with total of 4.8 million users recorded in 2017, amounting to a whopping 1.4 million growth since 2016”.

Facebook is a platform for people to communicate with each other. Plus, we can comment and express ourselves , seek out entertainment, find information, check news and a lot of other new things can be found there.

Moreover, people can gain knowledge which they can use and put into practice in their daily lives. Facebook is a kind of platform where people can promote, advertise and sell their products. Consequently, we can earn money through Facebook, and one more thing, we can communicate with people who live far away, and get to know new people.

Geeks in Cambodia said, “In 2016, adults aged between 18 to 24 are the most avid users of Facebook.”

So, I think this is a great opportunity for all the students to gain experience or apply for volunteer activities. Not only volunteering opportunities; but also people can find, and share a wide range of other great opportunities, such as scholarships to study overseas on Facebook.

In spite of this good outcome, there are a small group of people who use social media for the wrong reasons. This is a problem that we should decrease and eliminate from our society. As we can see on our newsfeed, some people use social media to bully others, involve themselves in politics, and posting fake news.

We should have our own purpose of using Facebook, and that purpose should always be morally positive; due to what I can see on social media today, people using it to critique and blackmail other people by posting private information, sexually explicit images, publishing fake news and sexually explicit videos.

Social media is one of the most influential things that could change people’s life, so everyone should think before posting on Facebook because what you write and post may be seen by hundreds of people and maybe even more than that.

Thank you for reading, and I’m looking forward to hearing any comment from you.

Views expressed here are those of the author’s and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of UNICEF.

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