Brief introduction to an awkward me!

By Chheng Sotharath

©Chheng Sotharath/2017

I am not so sure whether I should say good morning or good evening right now. It’s actually 1:20am in the morning, the time that I usually get up to finish my homework or my school assignments, before I finally take my year 4 final exams.

Since I studied two tough majors simultaneously, I spent around 10 hours everyday at school, and when I came back home, it would already be dark. I am about to pass out,my brain needs to take a nap before I get up again to do my homework, making me a combination of a night owl and an early bird.

And now it has become quite a habit for me to automatically open my eyes at this hour to enjoy the peaceful moment at midnight where everything is so calm and silent. I can hear the sound of some crickets chirping right now.

My name is CHHENG Sotharath, a twenty year old former student of the Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL), Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), majoring in International Studies, and Teaching English as a Foreign Language, working at IFL debate club for two years and IFL organizing committee for three years.

I have bittersweet memories with IFL, but I have to admit that my traumatized four-year journey there was the turning point that turned me into who I am right now, by contributing a lot to my self-development. I do not have full-time work right now; but I have been a freelance translator for about a month though. I am actively hunting for a full-time job right now.

As I am an introverted person by nature, I figured out that my passion lies in writing, since it is the best way I can express my opinions. I find it a bit difficult to convey my thoughts orally. When I first saw the announcement of UNICEF recruiting local Voice of Youth Blogging interns, I was like, wow, this is definitely a thing for an introvert like me, and it’s just right on time when had I already finished my final exams. It’s not just I can work for my own passion, but I can also work with the other people that have similar interests in writing like I do and have this special opportunity to learn more techniques on how to develop my blogging skills, and most importantly, a way to earn more experiences to build up my own resume. That was how I decided to apply for this internship without a doubt.

This kind of reminds me of one random quote I saw on the internet:“If you do what you love, you never work a day in your life”. This is so true for me right now. This is so exciting. The first week has already passed. Nine more weeks full of true passion are yet to come. I really can’t wait to write nine more blog posts.

I think that’s it for the introduction about myself. I am looking forward to more sessions of this internship journey with positive energy. Last but not least, thank you UNICEF for providing such a great opportunity for Cambodian youths. Have a nice day!

Views expressed here are those of the author’s and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of UNICEF.

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