Introducing a New VoY Blogging Intern!

By Monineath Bunyay

© Monineath Bunyay

This blog was developed as part of the Voices of Youth blogging internship assignment requirement. Views expressed here are those of the author’s and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of UNICEF.

Greetings! My name is Monineath Bunyay, a 15-year-old mix of an extrovert and introvert high school student. I was born and raised in the capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. I live in a typical family of three children, in which I am the eldest and the only daughter of the bunch. Having two little brothers is great, but things could get a little too out-of-hand sometimes. It drives me crazy but, what can I do? I’m the oldest sibling after all.

I’m pretty sure we all experienced the request to introduce ourselves when we, as youngsters, move to new schools even when it might seem all awkward; one of the details we never seem to forget to include is our favorite animal. Mine is a lion; they are just so majestic and at the same time, so strong and powerful. They simply make great cover photos, phone backgrounds, or just stand out perfectly at the back of an iphone case. On the other hand, if I were to be an animal, I wouldn’t want to be a lion because I’m not mentally strong enough to catch nor eat raw meat.

Another thing that we include while introducing ourselves as youngsters is our favorite sport; I’m glad to say mine is Taekwondo. I’ve always been into this sport ever since I was a little girl, yet the opportunity to practice it never opened up. It was just 2 years ago that I finally had the chance. I love how I could learn how to defend myself through Taekwondo and how ‘no pain no gain’ (originally said by Benjamin Franklin in Poor Richard’s Almanac: The Way to Wealth) is one of the main concept of this amazing sport.

I also love travelling — seeing new things, going to different places, and experiencing a different culture is just so mesmerizing. Whenever travelling is suggested or planned by my family, a huge smile never failed to appear on my face. To add up to travelling, like most of the modern teenagers out there, I love kpop and korean dramas, although I struggle to understand the words without my usual english subtitles.

I’ve always been interested to major in law in the future and become a lawyer or a prosecutor, but this end target is not very concrete yet; I’m still assembling my future passageway. The reason why I’m sticking with law right now, is because I believe that we all need to follow both natural and social laws in life, in order for existence on Earth to be sustainable. Hopefully, I’ll be able to decide my major before I graduate from high school.

Making new friends is probably one of the things I like to do most. However, this hobby has minimally degraded throughout my teenage years because simply, people treat you differently as you grow older. Nevertheless, friends play a huge role in my life; they’re like my second family. I am not a friend specialist nor someone who had been severely hurt by someone else. Still, I can say that throughout life, there will only be a few who will stick by you and the rest will either leave you or hurt you. People might be a good friend to someone else but not to you, so be careful who you befriend. But that doesn’t mean that making many friends is a bad thing; we could learn both from their positivity and their negativity.

The one thing that causes me the most trouble during my school years is probably procrastinating- spending time leisurely until the due date is right in front of my eyes. Like many other teens, I am well aware of the effects of procrastination: high levels of stress and anxiety, and most importantly, sleepless nights. So, I always try to remind myself to finish tasks before the due date appears right in front of my eyes. If things get too loaded or I happen to be super busy during that time of the week, I find that making a checklist would make things more organized and for me to remember to do the mandatory work before hand. However, a checklist isn’t always my super hero that entirely saves me from procrastinating. Because I can be pretty slothful sometimes, I tend to fall off track even when the checklist is in my hands. Throughout the years of high school, however, I’ve been telling myself that I have to understand, for myself, that work has to be completed and there’s no one who will do it for me, except me. Often times, we all need a bit of a slap to wake ourselves up from the pit of laziness.

Lastly, I would like to say that I’m very honoured to become a new blogging intern for the local Voices of Youth. I hope I can learn and develop new thinking skills through the guidance from my advisers, as well as discussions with other interns. Not only could this internship help improve my blogging skills, but it could also help me to write better essays at school.This is a new experience for me, but I’m pretty sure that this will be an exciting journey!

Originally posted on Thursday, August 11, 2016

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