Getting Started

By Sophavatey Leak

© Leak Sophavatey

This blog was developed as part of the Voices of Youth blogging internship assignment requirement. Views expressed here are those of the author’s and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of UNICEF.

Hi, hello…!

My name is Vatey. Nice to meet you all!

I am a bit shy when it comes to meeting new people -therefore, writing an introduction blog post gives me a slight feeling of anxiety.

Also, I am afraid that my first blog will just come out as plain boring because there is no compelling story happening in my life so far. Hence, I have been thinking the whole day of how to make the post more interesting?

I think and think but to no avail, so I might as well stop contemplating and just write it, and then see how things go.

A few facts about me…

Although I am 17, I am already in college because I started school since I was barely five years old (I remember scribbling in all the pages of my notebooks in grade one).

Now that I am no longer in high school, I believe that it is about time for me to start thinking of what path I want to take in my life.

My aspiration is to become a diplomat. The reason you may ask? Since an early age, I realized that I was intrigued by the idea of being abroad. I really love going to foreign countries, meeting local people, and learning about their culture and traditions.

So, I decided that I want to become a diplomat because I want to be one of the representatives in my country who helps my nation in establishing relationships and dialogues with different sovereignty.

I receive a mixture of support and dissuasion from the people around me.

I have to confess that I sometimes still doubt myself when I think of the blurry road ahead. However, a professor once told me, “Everyone has a gift. Although you might not discover it yet, but each and everyone of us has something special that others don’t.” His words act as a reminder for me to remember that self-doubt will not help us in getting closer to unlock our God-given gift. It is only through self-exploration and self-development that you get to nurture your potential and expand your horizon.

The point I would like to make is: “Do NOT let our own negative thoughts consume our personal values.” Try to listen to the soft voice in our heart more because it is easy for us to lose the sense of who we are amidst the chaos we face in life. And above all, dare to follow your beautiful dream.

This is a somewhat the introduction about myself. I am looking forward to a new experience that I will get from this internship journey with the local Voices of Youth.

Have a nice day everyone. Cheers!

Originally posted on Thursday, August 11, 2016

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